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Lauren♪ ([personal profile] second) wrote2008-01-20 04:29 am
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I am adding you.

I really like this layout, makes me think of St. Trinian's for an odd reason..

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I love this layout too <3~

Adding you back.

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Adding <3

Lorin is a Gravi fan! -squeals-

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Happy Birthday! What are your plans for today? Good day so far??

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Awah, sorry I didn't reply! I only just noticed it.

Thank you! I had an awesome day but all I really done was went to school and went home, and had some really really nice cake.

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hey you x3 found you in the penpals community.
you like j rock too?
want to become penpals?
write back x3

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Yes, I do!

And i'd love to be your penpal :D.

But as long as I don't have to sent the first letter, i'm SO crap at that xD

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i hate first letters too ;______________________________________________________;
should we start to talk a bit in our LJ's or via EmaiL?

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Yeah for first letter haters!

Haha, sure. my email is

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heyy :]
found you through the penpal community.. add me back?
im jenny, 21 from leeds xxxx

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Yep, sure! Added. :D

Your icon is so cute~

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Thankies :]
Your layout is really cute too! xx

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I just came across to ask for your email or you to mail me (mine email is in profile) about being penpals (from cuttingimage)

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Jest (:

Lauren :D

(Also, sorry about my polish, i know it's really bad but i'm just learning)

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I added yoooooou <3

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*added back*

Although my entries here aren't really usually happy ones i'm afraid D:

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:D <3

No worries, my entries are full of angst, woe and how much I hate myself- but there's the odd bit of fandom crack, so its all good~

Plus, I just noticed we're both members of some similar communities outside fandom :)

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Awesome xD

And hell yeah! Simmilar comms ftw. We're just that cool.

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hey, so really random-i love your icon to pieces. the alice/edward/jasper one.

i didn't know if you'd see it if i responded in cuttingimage.

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Thankyou! I love it as well and I wish I could take credit for it, but it was made by (:

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I love your layout!
adding you if you dont mind

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I have no problem with you adding me, go right ahead~ I'll add you back of course.

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Hi! my post about getting help with was deleted, but i still got your comment! can i get your email?

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Oh, sure! My email is
nijibug: Chihaya & Saya (magatama gold)

[personal profile] nijibug 2009-06-26 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Found you through your sweet [community profile] cpop community where I'm posting random translations ♥
And we have quite a few common interests, so adding you~