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Music Meme:

1. Pick a character, fandom, pairing, friendship, whatever.
2. Put on your music program on shuffle/random and start playing songs.
3. For each song, write something inspired by the song related to the theme you chose earlier. You only have the song length. No pre-planning and no writing after the song is over. No skipping songs either.

Do 10 songs and post. Make sure to include the song name/artist.

'Kay, so I picked China and Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia.
Warnings: China crossdressing, Russia being heavy-handed (just once) and my writing.

ONE Tri-Angle - DBSK

It was the same everywhere he went. The poor living in run-down houses, shuddering together in rags, desperately grasping at the hints of warmth that repeatedly escaped their grasps. Everyone was supposed to have the same, everyone supposed to be as one, so why were people like this? Ivan voiced his thoughts to Yao over a drink or five one night, and received a shake of the head as his lover's black hair formed a curtain in front of his eyes, making him nearly impenetrable.

"I don't know, aru. I wonder this myself, aru."

It hurt Ivan, seeing his people like so. Parts of him ached to think that in the dark corners of the country where nobody could hear him, they were doubtlessly speaking ill of him and the leaders of the country. People were dying because of his ideals. There was nothing he could do about it, even though he wanted nothing more to keep his people safe and happy so he himself could be.

TWO Die liebe lust mich nicht - Silbermond

Yao lay alone yet again. It was bitterly cold, even though he was wrapped in many blankets. He could never get used to the subzero temperatures that wracked Ivan's land. The only time he could get some hint of warmth was when the larger man's body was wrapped around his, be it in sleep or the heat of lust. Ivan had obviously slipped out sometime during the night while he was asleep and unawares. No matter how many times he had to be told not to do such a thing, he always deserted the nation.

Sometimes he would slip back in while Yao still slept, but more often than not he would stumble in sometime after his companion had awoken, with snow clinging to his hair and eyelashes, shrugging off his boots and coat and clothes. The coat was always meticulously hung up to dry, the clothes left in a cold pile as he brought warmth to the other man, despite being frozen through the skin himself.

THREE The girl is mine - Super Junior

"Big brother! Big brother, your breasts are mine!"

Many a time had Ivan heard that phrase been uttered in a high-pitched, overexcited voice. Each time he'd sighed, politely requesting that Yong-Soo kept his hands to himself. This time, it was too much. Yao was his, completely his. How dare that little brat claim that any part belonged to himself and not Russia?

"Aiyah, it's him again, aru." Yao signed, raising a hand to his forehead, already able to feel a headache roaring up within the confines of his brain.

"Listen." The violet-eyed nation turned to face the man with the grinning hair-curl. "Yao Wang is mine. He's all mine, not even his 'breasts' are yours."

As he watched it finally sink in to the young man, he held out a single gloved hand for the other to shake. "You obsess like a man, you take defeat like a man."

FOUR You, Always - DBSK

Their paths had separated. It was obvious, and it had been coming for a long while. Nevertheless, it still hurt so much. It was like all the bad cliches of heartbreak and lost love. He had to keep going for the sake of himself, for his pride, for his country...Most importantly, he had to keep going for his people. He couldn't allow himself to fall apart over the sake of a split. He'd been through many heartaches and splits, he was a very old nation after all. This one hurt the most, even though he wasn't in much physical pain.

Seeing his beloved Ivan walk away from him, his body language as cold as the snow-filled crevices in his country was probably the worst pain he'd ever felt.

Still, he would sit and wait for the time the other man would take him back if he so desired. He'd work on his faults, make himself better to be around, more adapt to any situation. He'd even stop complaining about the cold in the northern country, if Ivan so desired.

FIVEDer letzte Tanz- Cast of Elisabeth

"What do you mean married?" Ivan asked, his grip on the glass tightening, anger pulsing through his veins like poisoned vodka.

"We are getting married, aru." Yao said, his back still facing Ivan.

The tension in the room was thick and impenetrable, stiflingly so. The alcohol tasted sour in Russia's mouth as he took a sip.

"I see. I wish you the best, then." I'll be waiting for you when you decide to return to me in the dark It was unspoken, but Yao heard it irregardless.

SIX Shut up - LaFee

"I was... trying to protect you. Don't you see what happens if you try to leave me? You will get hurt. There are nasty people out there. Mother will keep you safe, da?" Ivan's words were sugary-sweet yet laced with arsenic, that childish cruelty underlying his tone like a snake in the grass.

Yao's hands were on his face, covering the blotchy handprint, the tell-tale sign of blood to his skin where the other had struck him, hard and fast before he'd even realized that the other's mood had changed. He shuffled backwards, feeling his heart pound in his chest and his breath come in short, surprised puffs as it fell from his lips.

"You hit me, aru!" He said, eyes wide as he looked up to meet the other's eyes as if he could see right through to the other's mind and understand his logic.

In seconds, the other man was all over him, rubbing his back in comfort, stroking his hair and murmuring into his ear.

"Shh, Malyenki, you are safe with mother."

SEVEN Goodbye - Spice Girls

It's good to be held by Ivan. He's soft, warm, everything he doesn't appear to be. His size is definitely a good thing, for it's easy to get lost in his embrace and feel like you'd never have to leave and face your troubles. His large hands are perfect for soothing away your troubles, rubbing your back while you're sick, or just to slip your own small hand between and feel enclosed and wanted.

He can be volatile sometimes, turning from childishly happy to childishly cruel -and he refers to himself as 'mother Russia', who is he trying to kid?- but when you've seen it enough you know how to wether the storm, the right things to say and what to do if it gets too hard to handle. Then, he'll hold you some more, the rainbow after the storm, ready to make things better for a little while.

EIGHT Learn to do it - Anastasia

Sometimes, when Ivan is in a good mood, he'll tell stories. Stories of long gone, of Tsars and Tzarinas, and the children that he doted upon as his own.

"I know the story of Anastasia, aru." Yao had protested one day, when Russia had taken a deep sigh and started talking of a time that many people knew of, of a pretty little girl that was the subject of speculation, even so long after her time.

"She was so pretty. I looked upon her as my own daughter. I'd have done anything to see her smile." Then he stopped, eyes misting over with tears. "I saw her, you know. I saw them all. The whole family was chained up, and bang!" His mockery of a gunshot was so accurate that it made the ever-attentive Yao jump. "I saw them all dying, their bodies were handled so carelessly." He stops, then goes further back in time, telling many more tales of Anastasia and her hijinks.

When he's finished, Ivan isn't the only tearful one.

NINE So hot - Wonder Girls

Ivan is hiding his mouth behind one of his hands. His gloves are off, resting on the table not far from the door. It's so obvious he's hiding a smile as he surveys the slender man standing in front of him.

"Well, you look..." He trails off to rake his eyes over the other's figure again, with a small laugh that he didn't quite manage to stifle. "Taller," was what he settled on. "Nice heels."

Yao fumes, crossing his arms across his pink-clad chest.

"Here I am, aru. Dressed up like you asked, and all you can say is that I look tall, aru?!"

Indeed, he is dressed up like Russia asked. Silky black hair parted down the middle in perfect little pigtails instead of the ponytail he normally has and the pink on the strappy little leopard-print vest top he wears perfectly matches the shade in his cheeks. He reaches down, trying to make the indecently small shorts cover more of his thighs than they currently are and catches a glimpse of the painfully high heeled shoes on his feet.

"You do know I was only joking when I suggested it, da?

TEN Blind Game Again - Gravitation

Together they dance. The night is moonless, hidden behind clusters of dirty, grey rainclouds. It's going to rain. The wind is picking up, blowing leaves everywhere and disrupting their coats, their hair, everything but their rythm. The way they move is seamless, as if they're just dancing on autopilot to a silent tune playing for the two of them alone.

Yao's head is resting against Ivan's chest. One of Ivan's hands is at the base of Yao's spine, fingers splayed out on top of the finest silk the other man's wearing. His other hand is resting on a slender shoulder clothed and he can feel the other's hands on his waist.

As effortless as their dance looks, Russia's brows are furrowed slightly, and Yao is worrying his bottom lip between his teeth as he shuts his eyes, letting Ivan take the lead.

Then it starts to rain, a light shower, and their dance picks up and gets even faster. There's no crowd to see them, there's only one another and that's just how they like it.


Oh man, Der Letzte Tanz was definitely the hardest one to do. That was like, nigh impossible and more lyric-centered than the rest. And that Wonder Girls one... It's based on one of the outfits in the video.

Oh, and in #6, "Malyenki" means 'little one'

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If I could fave entries like on dA, I would fave this one. ;v; ♥


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